About us

[themepacific_box color=”red” text_align=”left” width=”100%”]If you are a state institution, a business association, a large company or a group of CSOs that wants to create support programs (as part of your CSR strategy), develop a favorable institutional framework or start a social business, we can offer you 20h FREE COUNSELING![/themepacific_box]

CEPS is a local Montenegrin NGO that brings together social entrepreneurs who want to promote solving various social problems (social exclusion, poverty, unemployment, etc.) by using sustainable business models.

Vision: A rich, democratic and solitary society based on rule of law, freedom and equality of all citizens.

Mission: Development of Social Entrepreneurship and promotion of sustainable economic development.

The principles advocated by CEPS are: individual freedoms, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, free market economy, the rule of law.

[themepacific_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%”]We strongly believe that social entrepreneurship is the best model for social integration, community development and economic empowerment of those in need.[/themepacific_box]

The main objectives of CEPS are:

  • promotion and development of social entrepreneurship;
  • sustainable economic development and promotion of the green economy;
  • corporate social responsibility;
  • rule of law and efficiency of the institutions;
  • promotion of human rights and freedoms;
  • adoption of international standards in all segments of the Montenegrin society;
  • promotion of values such as humanity, solidarity and philanthropy;
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We have decided to focus our activities in three key areas:

  • Advocacy and Research (social economy adoption, development of social entrepreneurship)
  • Service provision (business trainings, consulting, mentoring to social enterprises, SMEs and start-ups)
  • Starting our own social business

Please also check a short presentation about CEPS and social entrepreneurship.