EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy: CEPS presented mentoring program for entrepreneurs

On Tuesday December 4th CEPS organized event “Mentoring of Social Enterprises – “From a “hole” of 12m2 to a consortium with 50 employees”.

The program “Mentorship of Social Enterprises”, which is implemented by CEPS within the EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy, has been presented at the event that brought together over 40 representatives of state institutions, companies, NGOs, social enterprises and young entrepreneurs.

Since the program also aims to improve entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, the participants had opportunity to hear 15 years’ experience of Croatian ACT-Group in developing social enterprises and proving support to entrepreneurs at early stage of their businesses. Teo Petricevic, leader of ACT-Group presented their edition “Pank poduzetnici” (Pank Entrepreneurs) which tell the story of their failures and successes in developing different types of social businesses.

The participants took the opportunity to discuss social enterprise development, regional start-up scene and conditions for providing an enabling eco-system for boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

Adrijana Stevanović from EFSE and Anto Janković, president of CEPS opened the event presenting their key programs and opportunities they provide for developing an enabling entrepreneurial eco-system.