The European Commission published CEPS survey on social enterprises

CEPS is part of a European consortium, led by European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises and International Research Network EMES, which conducted a study “Mapping of Social Enterprises and their Eco-systems in Europe”, funded by the European Commission.

The study aims to evaluate the state and development of social enterprise – as defined by the Social Business Initiative (SBI) in different countries (21 EU + 7 non-EU countries), including:

  • the current state of play in terms of typical forms, estimated number, key characteristics and role of social enterprises
  • main barriers faced by social enterprises
  • the main developments and initiatives which have been taken or are under preparation, expected to influence the social enterprise development.

You can download the survey on social enterprises in Montenegro here.

Reports on other European countries are available on European Commission and EMES web sites.